What’s involved with a health assessment?

Your appointment

When you arrive, you will be asked to fill out a three-minute questionnaire. You will then spend time with your doctor discussing:    your current state of health,
your past history,
your family history,
your nutritional intake,
your activity level,
medications (including any supplements you take), and
any specific health concerns you have.

The physical examination

Our doctors will examine your neck, heart, chest, abdomen and groin (in men), lower limbs and skin.  You will also have your height, weight, waist circumference and blood pressure measured.  Many female patients opt to have their annual PAP test done at this time.
The 20 point exam and assessment as listed in Dublin health screen including a exercise ECG all of which we try to do in around 60 mins is then carried out.

Reviewing the results

After the initial consultation, physical examination, our doctors will review the results with you in detail.  We will:
review your blood test results and explain what they mean,
educate you on how your results compare to the established targets based on internationally agreed expert opinion, and
formulate a management plan, if necessary, to further improve and optimise your health.

Ongoing care (on an ‘as needs’ basis)

If there are any health concerns identified during the consultation, we will take pro-active measures to address them.  Where appropriate we will refer you to appropriate specialists and oversee the management of any major health issues identified.