Benefits of an Executive Health Check versus a Traditional Medical Examination at Dublin Health Screening

  • One-stop shop – cancer surveillance (top 6 cancer killers of Ireland are lung, bowel, prostate, breast, lymphoma and melanoma, in that order), which are screened for on an annual basis at least.
  • Risk factor reduction for coronary artery disease – 30-50% of Irish people serviced in traditional medical practices do not achieve targets for blood pressure and cholesterol control, hence placing themselves at a much higher risk of coronary artery disease – when LDL (bad cholesterol) is reduced by 1 mmols per litre, the risk of future coronary artery disease reduces by 30%, hence the significance of achieving targets.
  • Minimise waiting time – our patients are either seen on time or at most 15 minutes waiting time on busy days.
  • Other current medical issues dealt with at your annual visit e.g. musculo-skeletal problems, hearing etc.
  • Use of up-to-date technologies indicated e.g. coronary CT scanning on a needs basis to predict future events in higher risk patients. Note we only refer for a CT if a clinical exam or results warrant same.
  • Basic expertise of cardiology, dermatology, urology for prostate cancer etc. offered in the one visit – whilst we cannot hope to match the knowledge of a specialist in one field, we certainly have sufficient knowledge and expertise to provide a reasonable in depth assessment on your annual visit.
  • Referral to only the best specialists that we personally have a professional relationship with and have screened for technical knowledge and practice style with the Blackrock clinic, St Vincents private and the Beacon clinic.