Dublin Health Screening represents an innovative advancement in the domain of medical screening within Ireland. Situated at No. 4, Fitzwilliam Square East, Dublin 2, our offices are embedded within the cutting-edge medical facility, The Fitzwilliam Square D2 Medical Centre.

Our organizational policy is centered on integrating executive health screening seamlessly into the community fabric. Our comprehensive 20-point health screening protocol is meticulously designed to be efficient, ensuring completion within a time frame of 60 to 90 minutes. To accommodate the demands of your busy schedule, we offer appointments starting from 8:30 AM, thus eliminating the need for you to take leave from your professional commitments. Blood samples are dispatched daily to our laboratory at 1:30 PM via an expedited courier service.

Typically, we provide a detailed written report within 30 days post-screening. Should you prefer, you may opt to revisit our clinic after 30 days for an in-person consultation with a medical doctor, who will meticulously review and interpret your results; this follow-up appointment is complimentary. With your authorization, we are also prepared to forward a comprehensive report to your primary care physician.

In contemporary life, health screening has become imperative, bolstered by significant advancements in modern medicine. Proactive health management is crucial, given that the human body is the most intricate machine in existence, deserving of exceptional care. At Dublin Health Screening, we pledge to uphold this standard.

Our motto encapsulates our ethos: “A passion for putting patients first through advanced medicine. Compassionate care dedicated to discovery and committed to care.”

Our secondary care support network comprises esteemed institutions such as the Mater Private Hospital Group, St. Vincent’s Private Hospital Group, The Beacon Hospital, and The Hermitage Clinic.