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Dublin Health Screening
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Dublin health screening is an exciting new development in health screening in Ireland. We have partnered with the D2 medical centre at No 4 Fitzwilliam Square Est, Dublin 2, to bring our first Irish clinic to the people of Dublin and the greater Dublin area. Our tests are mainly processed at St James hospital in Dublin 8 and St Vincents hospital in Dublin 4. Note our health screen is one of the most extensive in all of Ireland and involves the full 20 point screen listed on our site. Note while it is a very detailed screen you may feel one or two of the tests are not relevant to you and this will be teased out when a detailed clinical history is gone through with the doctor.   

Note we do our best to accommodate people who are in busy jobs and we offer our first appointment slot from 8.30am in the morning.  Because of the extensive nature of our health screen it can take up to 60 minutes in total to carry out the 20 point health screen. While we take great pride in the detailed nature of the health screen itself sometimes a further radiological investigation may be needed or follow up with a specialist, then do not worry, this will also be arranged through follow up consultant care at the Blackrock clinic, Beacon clinic and the Mater private. 

If you have a preference as to another hospital then this will also be accommodated.  We will also send a detailed copy of all the results and detailed explanation as well as necessary life style changes to you within 15 days. This can be e mailed or sent by regular post. 

We are very excited about the benefits of health screening in modern medicine and we focus on the early detection of disease to improve the clinical outcome and prognosis. We are also very focused on prevention of disease and lifestyle modification to achieve this.

Please log onto our sister site www.d2medical.ie  for general practice doctors and family doctor services in the heart of Dublin.

We are open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6.00pm.(Open through lunch)

We are closed Saturday & Sunday.

Call the central switch board 01 631 4500 to arrange your appointment today. 

Our doctors are focused and excited about explaining all points of the screening in detail as well as all the results.

Easy Payment Plan. 

100 euro on booking, 200 euro on the day and No fee at the 3 week follow up appointments for results, prescriptions and hospital referrals. 

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